19-year Old Roselyn Odey (@iam_berryrose) Wins First Edition Of Most Beautiful Girl TwitterNG #MBGT_NG



For 19 years old Roselyn Odey (@iam_berryrose), winner of the first edition of the Most Beautiful Girl TwitterNG (MBGT_NG)  Pageant hosted by Pink Snail Publicity (@miss_Andrey), there is a thin line separating dream from reality. The student of University of Calabar has always dreamt of being a beauty Queen. Only yesterday, her dream came to pass as she beat 15 other contestants to clinch the title on twitter.
Many people are curious to know who won the pageant, so we decided to interview her. Here are the excerpts from the interview.
Can you introduce yourself?
My name is Roselyn Odey, I’m from Cross River state, I am a student of university of calabar. History and international relations . 100 level.
Tell us about your background?
I am the 5th out of 6 children. My dad is late, and my mum owns a beauty saloon
How did you feel yesterday night when you heard you won the competition?
I was overwhelmed, because I thought I was going to be disqualified, since there was a little make up on my no make up picture. I didn’t know what to say because I was too happy
How did you hear about MBGT_NG
A friend of mine told me about it but my brother persuaded and encouraged me to contest
Were you surprised you won the competition?
Yes, I am still very surprised that I won because there were lots of better qualified contestants
How did your mother react to you winning this competition?
She is very excited because she has always encouraged me to get into a beauty competition
Who are your role models?
Naomi Campbell and Tyra Banks
Whats your favourite food?
spaghetti and chicken
What are your dreams in life?
My dream is to become a beauty queen, just like Agbani Darego
Do you plan on competing for other beauty pageants?
Yes, I will
Thank you for letting us interview you Miss Roselyn, I wish you the best in life
Thank you for giving me this opportunity and also the judges of MBGT_NG . Most importantly, to my redeemer who made everything possible .



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