With The New Apple Pay, You Don’t Need To Carry Credit Cards All Around



The company’s new iPhone 6 and Apple Watch are getting a lotta audience today, but the new Apple Pay system may have a more immediate impact on your everyday life.

Apple Pay

Now Apple Wants You to Leave the Credit Cards at Home

Simply put, Apple wants to replace the credit cards in your wallet — and the wallet itself — with an iPhone or an Apple Watch. Apple Pay is how the company plans to do it, using the near-field communication (NFC) radio built into both devices.

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Here’s how it works:

1. Stroll into an Apple Pay-friendly retailer.

2. Flaunt a swag of yourself, and take it to the checkout counter.

3. Tap your phone against the NFC scanner in the store while holding your finger against the phone’s Touch ID fingerprint reader or a button on the watch.

4. Go home.

The purchase price is automatically deducted from your credit card account (not your iTunes account, as some rumours had predicted). Neither Apple nor the retailer gets its hands on your credit card information. That’s because the only data Apple Pay transmits is a unique device ID, along with a single-use security code. That unique ID is stored inside the encrypted Secure Element chip built into the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch.

This could theoretically prevent things like the massive data breaches at Target or Home Depot, where millions of credit card numbers and other customer data were siphoned off the stores’ networks by cyber-crooks.

Apple says it won’t store details of any transactions on its servers, though you will be able to view receipts inside your device’s Passbook app.

How do you get your existing credit cards onto Apple Pay? Easy. Take a photo of them. The Apple Pay app reads the numbers on the cards, links to your bank, and stores the info safely (Apple promises) in the Passbook app, alongside your boarding passes, coupons, and other digital data. Or you can go old school and enter your numbers manually.

If you lose your phone, you can use Apple’s Find My iPhone from your home computer to put the device in Lost Mode or wipe it completely. Apple CEO Tim Cook said you would not have to cancel your credit cards if you lost your phone. Details on how you might cancel or dispute purchases made via Apple Pay were not available at press time.


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