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The first time I ever saw a cravat was in my house when I was a kid, dad always had this band round his neck I thought looked funky (papa is a fashionista) from then till now he still puts it on, three ‘gbosa’ for the nicca. When I think of male fashion a cravat is one of the few things I love to see on a man, seldom seen but highly valued.

The cravat cleared the way for modern day tailored neck tie and bow tie it was believed to have originated in croatia,in the old days it was said to psychologically serve as a form of protection for the neck in battle. Cravat is thought to be retro fashion, although it is used by most men at weddings, many people still do not know much about the Cravat.

There are 3 major types of cravat;ascot tie

  • The casual cravat – worn informally, usually tucked into an open shirt collar…ascot cravat
  • The Ascot Cravat – I call this the golf or military cravat, its a type of cravat that speaks for itself , it is not usually worn casually and give the person wearing it a distinct lookWedding Cravat
  • Wedding cravat – this is when we see the bulk of men putting on cravats, there are certain type of cravats that are worn for weddings.

We also have 3 major materials used to make cravats _

1 (i)- All silk: just as the name implies its all silk, it is a cravat made entirely of silk, without any additional backing or lining. An all silk cravat is a slippery one you’d usually need to tie it slightly differently to hold it in place, because of this  more fabric is required and the cost is often slightly higher ,  but it’s a very light weighted cravat which is a major advantage as men like light clothing, and its my favourite because it gives the finish I envy…

(ii)- Silk + Cotton Backing: Another material is silk cravat and the back lined with cotton (usually a different colour from the cravat), this gives the outfit a more reliable and professional fitting, they are slightly thicker than the all silk cravat, slightly cheaper and are easier to keep tied.

2- Polyester: Polyester cravats are still favoured by a lot of people because of its durability and has designs you may not see in silk cravats. They are cheaper than the rest (very important part), and they are soft and comfortable to wear though some are shorter in length than the silk.

3- Wool: A small number of cravats are made from wool. These may be quite specialised designs such as tartan, which are more readily available in wool. Wool cravats will still be backed with cotton, so you have that  comfort and knot security.

If you are wondering what kind of shirt you can a cravat on, there are no specifications but using a regular collar or  plain coloured shirt is a good way to rock them cravats. Maybe some day I will teach you all how to tie a cravat, and make perfect knots endeavour to remind me…

Care for your cravats – to me a fashion piece is something that is part of you, taking care of your wears is like taking care of yourself even if they are inanimate objects, if they are left unkempt it maybe tagged as a reflection of your inner persona. For cravat we have cravat pins used to hold the folds of the cravat together, it is usually brooch- like this also makes it serve decorative purposes. We also have the cravat hangers; once you have a few cravats its a lot better to leave them hanging loose on a rack than folded in a drawer, the hanger serves this purpose and also makes it easy to view your cravats and select one without damaging the rest.

I hope after today a lot of you would add the cravat to your wardrobe, the cravat is not only fashionable it also broods a sense of  maturity in a young man, it doesn’t have to be an everytime wear but once in a while let’s show the Oldies ( like my dad) that we rock it better. Feel free to drop your comments and if you have a picture where you are killing it in a cravat email me at and be sure I will put it up.

I’m signing out with this quote from “Harry Winston” which says : “People will Stare. Make it worth their while”… Have a blessed week



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