(EVENT) Panache Empire And @OlodoNation Presents Panache Birthday Blast #PBB


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Great News People!

We at Olodo Nation have decided to team up with our friends at Panache Empire with the aim of putting a smile on the faces of our fans!

For a start, we’re introducing the Panache Birthday Blast! #PBB

The primary aim of #PBB is to assist you in celebrating your birthday weekly… yes you!

It’s pretty simple really, if your birthday falls between Sunday & Saturday, we will host you and your friends on that week’s edition of Panache Birthday Blast which holds every Saturday!

Before the English gets too much, checkout what we’re offering below:

Free Birthday Invite: So your friends don’t accuse you of not inviting them all, we’ll make free birthday invites you can use as your DP so your fam def g’on know what’s up!

Free Makeover: Ain’t no way we gonna be hosting you looking like early men & ladies yo! We love our fam all sparkly & shiny. So we’ll ensure you look your best for your big day out.

Saturdays: So we’re super organised and ready to tackle any last minute challenge that may arise head-on, leaving you without a care in the world on your special day!

Top Fun Spots In Lagos: We ain’t gonna be all held-up nstuff, we know our fans get bored easily so we switch up locations. Your homies prolly want a change of scenery when we celebrate them too

Free Hotel Room: Because freshening up in the rest room is just not our idea of comform & we don’t want you driving drunk or going home so tired so early when we know how unsafe it is out there right before dawn.

Drinks: What good is a party without some booze in the system? I mean, who’s gonna be insane enough to dance to “Y-J Kutcha” while sobered up? We don’t want y’all dancing “Shoki” with your rusty joints yo! When we turn up, we get turnt tha funk up!

Cake: A special birthday cake to show you how dear you are to us. What better way to do it than with a yumyum cake?!

Celebrity Appearance: Wouldn’t it be nice to have a special celebrity guest appearance on your birthday?

Pictures: You don’t even have to worry about tipping photographers or trekking from one studio to the other all bout Lagos searching for your precious pictures. We got that covered too!

Video Coverage: We give you the full joy of watching your friends talk ‘bout how awesome you are and how lucky they are to have met you!

Male & Female: Our Olodo Nation Citizens are not just the sexy ladies(tho we got cray love for y’all cute thangs), we love our Badtguys too and y’all equally deserve to have a good time yo!

Free Ride: Y’all didn’t think we were gonna let y’all hop buses home in the sun(or rain, it just might even snow) did you? We make sure a fully air conditioned ride takes you home safely. Yup, we love you that much!

So you see? We’ll give you a celebrity birthday party on garri & groundnut budget hehe!

Oya if your birthday falls between Today & December 2014 and you want us to host you on the Panache Birthday Blast, simply fill the form below and if the odds be in your favour, you will be contacted asap!


As with all things on mother earth; Terms & Conditions Apply.


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