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coverSo I stumbled upon this comic piece MISFIT made by the Nigerian owned Awonda Comics! As in… WHERE DEM DEY?! I’ve always been a comic lover but just can’t keep up as most comic pieces are foreign and only the ajebutter kids get them.

That looks like it’s going to change as we now have our very own (igboro) comic piece! Hopefully in 10 years we’ll have people all over the world debating on what should have, could have happened in the previous episodes and would happen in the next and why they think it is a good idea to have it made into a movie too! Hmmm lets leave Sony and see if Chico Ejiro will hop on this for Nollywood!

Okay before I start with my daydreams and stuff, read what the editor has to say about MISFIT and Download Below!!!

I have always been a fan of Action Comics. Not to say that i have no interest  in other genres but hey..every true comic fan loves a good ‘beat the crap out of the villain’ sequence init? Every good story must have a conflict one way or the other.. where the protagonist has to fight through something…but in this series y‘all are going to be seeing a lot of physical altercations.

Anyways, i thought why can’t we have our own heroes? but this is Africa… We don’t really have that excuse of swallowing  scientifically altered  potions and aliens from outer space..So the characters here are going to be everyday people.. themes we all are familiar with.

The story starts with ‘shanko’  a  smallish regular guy in the hood who had to face a bully..No one would expect that someone like to beat a bigger muscular dude.The brawl goes through the first episode and he’s about to finish off the villain…he’s being stopped by something that represents his conscience…the second episode will introduce the police woman ..more characters.. and give you a bigger picture of misfit. it’s always good to be patient enough to start with the series till you start to sip with the plot.

Please send your suggestions, complaints, observations to

They would be randomly published on the next episode….plus regular participation entitles you to stand a chance of winning merchandise as we progress. Like our page on facebook , facebook/AWONDA  ..follow me on twitter.. @collydeP ..instagram.. collyde prime

Remember we have no comic code in Nigeria. Something like that is in the works. so for now i took the initiative of rating it as matured in other to protect the brand from accusations of promoting violence..we are here to tell stories not mislead kids..

See you again! 




(DOWNLOAD COMIC) #Misfit: Volume 2 Part 1 By @collydeP
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