Why The Hell Are Nigerians Celebrating Halloween?! #RemyMartinHalloween


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I will start this post with a very controversial thought which a lot of people may disagree with but cannot dispute; when people say Halloween isn’t our thing and refer to we Nigerians celebrating it as a bunch of idiots who are trying so hard to be like the western world, I say that is precisely our problem in this country. Our various celebrations were never ours until we subscribed to the faith, at one point a very long time ago before our great grandparents were even born, Nigerians were not religiously diverse people but then we subscribed to the faith of various religious groups making it possible for us to have various religious celebrations.

I say those that subscribed to the faith of the Halloween celebrations (I and my pack of crazies) should be left to celebrate it in peace. Having said all that, let’s go into the a little background on what this celebration is really about.

Halloween also called; Hallowe’en, Allhallowe’en, All Hallows’ Eve, All Saints’ Eve is observed in a number of countries across the globe, it is said to be the eve of the western Christian feast of All Hallows’ Day, a day dedicated to remembering the dead; saints, martyrs and faithful departed believers inclusive. It’s termed “humor and ridicule to confront the power of death”, I find this very interesting. Call me gothic and twisted but if you were at the Remy Martin’s haunted house, you would know that it was worth it.

The Olodo crew was present to cover the event dressed in various crazy outfits; Ibrahim dressed in a hoodie and a jean with a power biker glove on his right hand and a fat Vendetta face mask (very confused villain I must say), Ahmed asked me to draw whiskers on his cheek and he had the guts to complain when I didn’t get it right, forgive me if his jean and button down shirt didn’t make me see the “cheetah” in him. Kemmie the witch almost stole my shine; she was dressed as an evil blood sucking rock-star, she turned her scar into this sick spider web on her face (cheat), but I was the star of the night (cocky me speaking), I personally designed my costume, I was wearing a white gown torn in the arm with blood splatter (believe me they were real).

At The Club With Remy Martin (3)


The props for the house were scary, there was a grave yard with tomb stones, a pool with a skeleton in it, the main building was filled with cobweb and fake spiders, I pranked Kemmie when I threw a gigantic rubber spider on her and she went on screaming, that was my epic moment of the event. The night was a great one; Remy Martin’s Hype man “Shoddy” was the host of the event, he had his face painted. Guess he wanted to nail the “Joker” look, DJ Jimmy Jatt was on the wheels, his costume was a nice hoody, also we saw VJ Adams of sound-city, Osi Suave of Beat fm, Elbama of MTV base amongst others.

Most of our celebrities wore boring outfit, ehen yes I said it they should come and beat me *tongue out*, on the other hand the crowd was very encouraging as a lot of them were dressed in insane and wicked costumes, I saw a lot of creatures of the night, Dj Sose was my favorite he didn’t need a costume, just fangs and his tattoo, he became his real self; bloody vampire.

There was a dance competition amongst three dance crews; The Expendables, D and K Crew, and G Force Crew. “The expendables” came in third, “G force” second, and the winning crew “D and K crew” went home with a hundred thousand naira cash.

Performances from Falz ‘the bahd guy’, Seyi Shay, and Sean Tizzle held the crowds spell-bound. It was one hell of a night.

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