New Month Comes…


New Month Comes[wp_ad_camp_1]

New month comes
With new beginning for us.
New month comes
And puts us at the doors
Of new chances,
New opportunities for progress.

New month comes
With new moments for us.
New month comes;
The infinite gift comes
To one and to all,
Yet, to each…till the end of time.
New month comes
It comes, stays and goes.
Like 90minutes
For us to play for goals,
Running it out
‘Till the whistle is blown.

The field;
Sandy, muddy or green.
The feet
Lean, weak or thick.
Pick a role
And go, go with zeal.

‘fore your life become commentary;
The attempts, goals and the misses,
Before the new become old
Before the spirit see its ghost,
Before the body free the soul
And sleep in the hollow below.

And go for goals.

Oladipupo Akolade R


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