Short Story: Cheated




It was a sunny Saturday afternoon and my sister, David, and I were on a long deserved vacation. We had spent the last few months hurrying between doctors’ appointments, the office, the church and my family house in Magodo; so getting some alone time had been close to impossible. I wasn’t sure how long we spent there, just laying by the pool and letting the gentle breeze caress our skins as slow music played in the background.

I remember watching him crawl slowly towards me right before he put his head on my chest and started to speak in that seductive baritone that I loved. David had always been a joy to behold; he was cute, funny, he had this ability to pick something and focus so hard on it, he had really white teeth and was very playful despite himself. He was so good with my family, everyone in the family loved him as much as myself, and he always had a smile on his face, even just after he had heard bad news; he’d have that small smile with a slight cleft in his chin that deepened as his smile widened.

In retrospect, I should have known not to be so trusting, not to stop watching him; even for a little while. I shouldn’t have left the poolside to go get him that bottle of beer, I shouldn’t have forgotten my wallet in my bag, I shouldn’t have been so happy with where my life was. The wallet was in my bag, a few feet from our chairs and I didn’t want to trouble my sister who was taking a nap on one of the chairs we rented. She had been through so much because of the preparation for my wedding these past few months. I took the wallet and turned to leave, but the breeze suddenly became strong and blew my scarf off my shoulders and towards the pool. I ran after the scarf and got it after a while, but all the running had made me lazy so I decided to lay by the pool and rest for a bit.

My sister wasn’t in her chair, and it hit me as odd, but I shrugged it off. She probably went to the ladies or something. Thinking about the ladies made me want to pee, so I headed towards that direction. There were about three toilet stalls, and two of them were locked. I went into the third one and scrunched my nose against the public bathroom odor. There were weird noises coming from the stall next to me. It took me a moment to figure out that they were sex noises. I almost started laughing right there, but I controlled myself; what kind of people would do such a thing in a public bathroom, and did no one see the guy enter the females’ bath? I finished my business and headed out; I had to get David that beer before he came back from wherever it was he went to.

“SO, when are you going to tell her?” I heard a voice say from the second stall. It was my sister. Oh my God, my sister was having sex in a public stall. I turned back and reach for the door handle, when…
“I’ll tell her when it’s time.” a strained voice replied; a strained voice that I knew all too well. It didn’t take a second to figure out what was going on. David and my sister had been having sex behind my back. Not that doing it in front of me was any consolation.

Everything from then on moved in a speedy blur. I tried to open the door, but it was locked so I called out their names and walked away, knowing that they got the message. It almost felt surreal as I walked out of the ladies, got my stuff and left for home. It’s been two weeks now, and in that time I have called to cancel the caterer, the music band, and the guests. It still feels surreal as I stare at our pictures. I feel empty, and confused, and hurt, and angry, and used, and stupid, and blind. I feel like this shouldn’t have happened to me.

I feel cheated.



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  1. It is a pity, even in marriage it happen. I advice she stop the wedding. Marrying David is not going to work for her because he has tested her sister over and over again. From what she heard, her sister is not remorseful of what she is doing with David, and i doubt if the two will stay off each other. Sorry sweet girl that such came to you. Keep on waiting for the right man.

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