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“If I could pray to move, then prayers would move me: But I am as constant as the northern star, of whose true-fixed and resting quality. There is no fellow in the firmament” these are what I call one of William Shakespeare’s most controversial words in the book Julius Caesar, and believe me there is no better way to start this.

Good day wonderful people! We have started another one again abi? Yes, we want to task our minds and bodies, so every Sunday we will be posting various quotes to motivate us, educate us, and get our minds thinking.

This promises to be an interesting column as quotes from great minds will be featured. If you think you have a quote that the world can learn from either self-made or from someone you admire send it to us (missshemkadir@yahoo.com) and we will put it up. Have a blessed day.

I leave you with mine… “While people are looking what wasn’t lost, and some answering what wasn’t asked, try becoming what hasn’t been” – Shem Kadir

John Locke was an influential english philosopher and social contract theorist, a man whose quote are eminent to a lot of success stories.

This great philosopher made us understand that its not about what you read, have you thought about what u read? Do u understand what you just read? Let’s do better people let’s put on our thinking caps



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  1. I think quotes are just ‘adorable’ (if I could use that word). it helps us learn from the wisdom of those that has come before… and just as it says in the pic, the only way we can truly learn from them is by thinking(meditating) on them. I work in a CP and I am usually drowned in loads of them and by nature I’ve always been a thinker/philosopher type naturally… so I cannot even start on how they I’ve contributed to my growth… but maybe you’ll get an idea if you just go to my blog at http://www.duhacedominus.wordpress.com. It’s new so don’t be looking for quantity :)…. but you sure can expect quality

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