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Holla! How are y’all doing? Looking forward to closing time today I presume; I can’t be forming nice so I’ll go straight to the point. This song is one of my favorite songs of all time. I have cried and danced to this song, I started learning to play guitar because of this song; as a matter of fact, the artiste is one of the reasons why I started paying attention to Nigerian music. Today’s song is Bibanke by Asa.

I wake up, it’s 4am and you’re not next to me. I get up and see you as you leave, and the pain hits me like a wave. The pain is almost life like; not only do I feel it, I see it as you leave. I don’t know where we went wrong; I have been the model lover. When you call; I run, when you need, I provide; when you’re cold, I’m your warmth. But…..

When we kiss, you’re far away.

You clearly don’t want this; don’t want me. So leave me alone, let me be; even if I cry, even if I wail,  b’omi ban san, b’ojo ban ro; fimisile. Leave me alone.

You used to be my everything, you treated me like I was a queen; your queen. But now I wonder if it was ever real, or was it all make believe? You used to say “girl never be afraid, of ever ever loving me” and those where the words I hung on to. What spell did you cast on me? Oh what a fool I was.

And even when it grew, when you became my addiction, my bad habit you didn’t notice. Even when I started doing things to catch your attention; dressing a certain way, talking a certain way, keeping up appearances so you could notice; you never did. And then you suddenly, picked your things and left the keys; left me all alone.

I’m never going to ask you why again; never going to beg you to come back to me again. Now, I will hold my peace; mo ti f’ara mi f’oluwa, ko so mi. I will go with God, I will forget you, I will be fine. So just leave me alone.


Have a happy week ahead guys!!!



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