Last Days: Synopsis of over 300 days




When the end of year draws nearer, in colloquy people say “all we can do is give thanks”, in actual sense what are we thankful for? What made our year, what marred our year? What was 2014 all about? On the 10th of December we are starting a life series titled “Novissimo Dierum” meaning “Last Days” in Latin. It is a series that will last for twenty days, our aim is to share different people’s 2014 experiences each day till the end of the year.

We wish to edutain our readers; educate and entertain and hope you all learn a lot from it. If you do wish to participate just send a write up about your 2014 to and we will put it up. I will leave you with the Chinese curse ”May you live in interesting times”, happy holidays in advance people.




Series: The House — Prologue
Short Story - The End

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