SHE: Man Kind’s Worst Fear


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The wind that comes with the storm, she brings out the beauty in this madness, she frolics around with her messy hair, her tattered dress flowing, her coarse raspberry smell littering.

Caressing the spirits with her dirty charm, her crooked smile buying souls,
silently waiting for the slightest hint that her next prey is near-by, she approaches with no caution, her once beautiful fingers turning into claws tearing their souls apart, sniffing what is left of the air in their lungs.

Dancing from one house to another to no tune at all, her enthusiasm towards the mission is the music to her dark soul. Her joy for a dark day is the sorrow the world runs from, if you have met her she is like a lioness on a hunt. She chews on the marked ones, makes their shadows malinger, and leaves the body to fight its battle alone.

Effortlessly bringing tears to the eyes of those left behind, she never looks back and if she does it is to take another. She is a dedicated villain who claims that this curse was bestowed on her, she has cost us more than enough and she is never sorry,
for in her words “we all have our fate, and this is mine”.

She re-opens closed wounds, damages mended hearts, and destroys happy homes. Relishes in your agony, drinks from their tears, feeds on our worries.

She strikes not without plan, she makes a beautiful entrance and a perfect exit. A natural artist whose exit is followed by tunes of sorrow and chaos, nobody knows when or how she leaves. Sometimes she gives no clues, sometimes she teases us with clues, she nurtures the heart to love only to break it.
There is no doubt who she is, the woman who buries them all, never finding pity, never in for a negotiation. SHE is “Death”, for there is no better befitting title for this horrible menace than a “SHE.





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