Series: The House — Prologue


Graphics By: @RollyKeysz
Graphics By: @RollyKeysz


Sup fam!

We know you’ve missed reading SERIES on and we are back with more for y’all!

If you Enjoyed Dominoes & Chronicles Of Lola, you’ll definitely love the New Series we got for y’all!

We got The Stoner Diaries written by Kemmie Ola, The House written by Olumide Bass Ige and two more yet to be disclosed hehe.

Here’s a brief Prologue for The House. Get ready to be wow’d!


This is the city of hustlers, the city that never sleeps and no I ain’t talking about New York where you have stable electricity and good road connections. This is a city where you have to make yourself comfortable by yourself. No Silver spoon, you have to blend in.

But then have you ever wondered how the youthful side of about 14million people (forget that rigged census) go about their daily life? From the students to the fresh workers to the really jobless.

Welcome to THE HOUSE; where everyone and anyone has an alter ego. As my mum would always say “In a place where there’s no law, there no crime”….

No sugar-coating, no extravagant lifestyle, no forming… This is our world from my eyes.



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The House is written by Olumide Bass-Ige. Follow him on Twitter: @OlumiCFC 



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