Novissimo Dierum: “You must learn to forgive yourself for mistakes made.” ~ @deeloly




Her name is Adeola Eniayewu, a good friend, a wonderful supporter and her write up will be spear heading a series of others. When she sent this she said she didn’t know if she did well and asked me to correct where necessary. When I went through this I didn’t know why she was worried, she was the first person to send hers and for this I am grateful. I give you 2014 in the eyes of “the Bole lover”:

“When Shem asked me to do a write up about my year I was like my year was just there. I realised that was a lie, I am on my bed on this beautiful Saturday afternoon thinking of how overwhelming the year was and here is a brief summary of my 2014.

Basically the year was a learning process, it started on a good note my aunt and cousin gave birth and it was the best feeling ever. Then my cousin travelled (still mad at her for leaving early), it continued with my good friends graduating to become physiotherapist, pharmacists etc. It was supposed to be my graduating year but as they say “God has better plans for us all”.

As the year rolled on I met quite a number of people, some of whom I wish our paths never crossed, some I will never forget and some that went with the wind. I learnt dis year that you must know your worth, stick to your morals and values. You will avoid a lot of bullshit people bring to the table when you constantly remind yourself of your worth.

You must learn to forgive yourself for mistakes made, whatever lesson it taught you be wise enough to keep that in mind.  To the disappointments of the year, I saw well somehow in it. There’s a reason for everything, I’ve grown so much in the way I think and handle situations. I have so many memories that I will never let go of and I’m glad for everything that has happened. Even more I am happy and thankful to be Alive.

2015 we await you, I pray and trust that you’ll bring joy and happiness to my loved ones and me and plenty customers and money, It can only get better”

She is just a hustle hoe, imagine her selling market on here, I am sure you have learnt a lot from this focused young lady, who is motivated with a force so strong nothing can break. In her words 2015 we await you.

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