Pencil Leaves Comedy For Police Work Starring @pencildcomedian, @LarryForeman007, Frank Onero, Peks




Watch this Comedy Skit… so hilarious… weirdly the Police uniform fits Pencil.

Watch, Enjoy & Let us know if Pencil should continue being a police officer or he should go back to being a comedian


  • Name: Nwanevu Ogechi Cyril
    • Stage name: Pencil D Comedian
    • State of Origin: Abia State
    • Nationality: Nigeria
    • Religion: Christianity

Pencil is a Nigerian comedian based in Lagos, born and raised in Lagos but an indigiene of “God’s own state” Abia state. He attended Anglican Primary school Apapa. Secondary education at Ojora Memorial, Apapa. Tertiary education in Abia state University. Back in his secondary school days, he was a member of the dramatic society there he had a stint with school shows which graduated into standup comedy, though not professionally back then.

When he left school, he just couldn’t deny the fact that he was born to put laughter & Smile on peoples faces. By the time he got into Absu, he was already a household name in the comedy biz and was waiting for that major breakthrough that saw the likes of Alibaba become the renowned Nigeria king of Comedy. In 2010, Pencil ‘d’ comedian got back to Lagos and enrolled in Ace comedian AY’s Open mic competition, where he came out top on his first participation.

A feat achieved on the fact that he was a born jester. That spelt the beginning of a majestic comedy career for pencil ‘d’ comedian who has gone on to feature on all AYlive shows, Night of a thousand laugh, Rhythm unplugged, Basket Mouth’s Laffs and jams,events in ghana, UK and a host of other nations. He was Also Among The Team Take Took On the CrackYaRibs_UK Tour With Julius D’genius Agwu, Pencildcomedian also stands as compere/MC for weddings,company events and major brands.

• Email:
• Facebook: /pencildcomedian
• Twitter: @pencildcomedian



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