Short Story: Twisted


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Hiya fam! How’s it going. I hope your week is getting better as it goes? So which one of you is ready to admit that I’m your WCW? No one? Sigh. You people are mean. Anyways, on to the post today.

The sun reflected off a nearby windshield into his eyes and it was all Kevin could do not to scream at it. The last thing he needed now was sun reflecting into his eyes and trying to blind him; he had been through too much this past week and now the damn car was trying to get him blind. He shook his head and took a deep breath; he was starting to lose his mind and now he wanted to yell at a parked car?

He took another deep breath and walked faster, he had to get out of town, and fast before anyone caught up to him. His phone started vibrating in his back pocket and he almost jumped out of his skin; who was calling him again. Someone already found out what he did, and so soon? He looked at the screen and shook his head again. No no no no no! No! She wasn’t supposed to be calling him yet, not for another twenty hours at least. The last person he wanted to find out about his “sin” right now was Stella, even if she deserved everything he did to her. It wasn’t his fault that things turned out this way, she started it.

At first, it had been a private joke between the both of them; a little fun thing to keep their relationship interesting. Each person trying to see how far they could push the other person and boy did she push him. She pushed him so much he started to take things a little too seriously and now, he was in trouble for it. She started by sleeping with his best friend and then she slept with his Psych lecturer just so he could fail, and then the last straw had been when she slept with his father and made his mother catch them. His mother got a heart attack and died then. Then, he started to take the game a little bit more seriously. Then, he realized that Stella was more twisted than anyone he had ever seen or heard of.

He silenced his phone and put it back in his pocket. He didn’t want to speak to her now, didn’t want to hear the pain in her voice after she had pushed him this far. THAT would be too much to bear. After his mother’s death, he had gone into the game with a zeal he didn’t know he had; more for revenge than for fun, and then he had started to enjoy it. He got high off the sound of her sister moaning under him, then her mother, and then on one drunken escapade; her brother – she didn’t even know he was gay. He never let her know what he had done to her whole family; she didn’t need to. As far as she knew, she was still winning.

It was all going good until the evening before. He had tried to mount her sister as always, but she wasn’t feeling up to it so she refused him. They got into a fight and although he didn’t mean to, he killed her. He ran out of the room the moment he realized she wasn’t breathing. He had become a hedonistic murderer, and it was all Stella’s fault. He was sure Stella had already seen her sister’s corpse, already seen all the evidence that it was all his doing. He didn’t want to be a savage on the run like this, so he pulled out his phone, prepared to tell Stella where he was when her text came in. It read:

“Thanks for killing her; I thought you’d never get around to it. Sorry I had to destroy your home to spur you into action. My brother has AIDS by the way.”

He stopped walking and tried to control the rage that was coursing speedily through his veins. WHAT THE HELL?!



Novissimo Dierum: "It was full of tears, sleepless nights, betrayal, and heartbreak." ~ @DeenahDTW
Novissimo Dierum: "You must learn to forgive yourself for mistakes made." ~ @deeloly


  1. Dear writer, you should not be doing this. With BH and all those other stuffs going on, you should not be messing with people’s mind so much. But makes for a nice reading anyway, now you have me watching out for the full story.

    • Hmmm, I’m sorry. i will take note of the type of stories I put up from now on. There is no full story though; it’s just one short story.

      Thank you for reading.

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