Novissimo Dierum: “It was full of tears, sleepless nights, betrayal, and heartbreak.” ~ @DeenahDTW



Family is what we call it, but family is family and Medeenah Kadir is as real as it gets. She will say she is my aunt (of which she is, granps was bad like that) but mehn we are age mates so she is my sister. She has been with me since I was born pulling and pushing when necessary, read 2014 from the heart of a Kadir:

“It all started good with everything going on well. The first quarter of the year was all fun, answered prayers, full of smiles but suddenly it all changed, life became really sour and uncomfortable to live in. A lot of issues popped out and it got me shattered, I felt like my world was coming to an end. It was full of tears, sleepless nights, betrayal, and heartbreak. Everything about me changed, helpless and hopeless.

I was dead while still living but with the help of few friends and family I stood up from my fears and overcame my worries. Life came crushing but I fought back with everything I got, months after months I prayed, hoped and struggled to conquer my challenges.

I started living normal again, I stopped caring about what people thought and concentrated on what I thought about myself. I believed in just two things; God and I. Not minding my circumstance, I live happy until one morning (10/10) I got the most shocking and pathetic news ever, the death of my eldest sis and that very moment I felt pain again.

Hmmmm its just a few weeks to the end of the year and nothing seemed to have changed, but in all I give thanks to God.”

2014 in different spices right? Well she gives thanks, shout to my baby Deenah for sharing this.MISS DEENAH KADIR




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