Everything Must Go! Jumia’s Mega 12.12. Flash Sales And Store Wide Discounts Is Live! #JumiaTwelve12


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What a week this is turning out to be! Election primaries here and there, RCCG Holyghost Convention on the horizon, Shiloh upon us and so much more, yet Jumia is bringing to you an event poised to be bigger than all three aforementioned occasions put together, with mega sales and heavily discounted deals never seen before! It is the one event where everybody irrespective of political affiliations or religious beliefs have counted down to and saved up for, it is the Jumia 12.12. Christmas Flash Sale!

The eagerly awaited Jumia 12.12. Christmas Flash Sale, which rather amusingly is now much more anticipated than Christmas Day itself, is finally just hours away! To many, this brings an end to the lengthy and gruesome wait for what by all evidence is going to be the biggest shopping festival on this part of God’s green earth! Why wouldn’t it be? Where else asides dreamland can you be offered the chance to enjoy as much as 40% off on 12 mega deals and due to popular request by customers, Jumia has increased its offering to an array of many more amazing deals across all categories in 12 fabulous hours? 

As a notable and hilarious blogger had recently put it, ‘If you have a tight budget and a lot of Christmas shopping to do and you have not started making plans on how you could get in on the Jumia 12.12. action then this can best be described as a classic case of misplaced priorities’.  Some people just know how to serve it straight, no chaser but it is true. So what is all this 12.12. frenzy about and how do I make sure I don’t live to regret missing out? We thought you might ask and so what we have done here is to draw up some FAQs to help answer all rallying questions and get you prepared for what is going to be a very memorable date!

What is 12.12.?

12.12. is an upcoming mega Christmas shopping event which holds on Jumia.com on the 12th of December. This is one of Jumia’s many acts of appreciation to esteemed customers for what has been a record-breaking year for Jumia. Here, 12 incredible mega deals will be offered every hour with many other great deals for 12 hours on the 12th of December with lots of heavily discounted products store wide.

What do I have to do to participate in this event?

All you need to do is to arrive on the Jumia website on your computer, phone or tablet on the 12th of December as early as possible, browse through the website for the discounted deals and be alert for the special hourly deals from 8am on www.jumia .com.ng/twelve-12. You can also ‘Like’ the Jumia Nigeria Facebook page to be updated on each deal as they occur.

At about what time will the deals be offered and do they come in consecutive hours?

All mega deals will come up consecutively every hour and other deals consistent through the day from 8am to 8pm. 

Can I pay on delivery for the goods I order?

Sure! Depending on your location you can pay on delivery and we will deliver to you anywhere in Nigeria.

What can I expect on 12.12.?

You can expect unbeatable deals which you cannot find anywhere else both online and offline. You can also expect a lot of competition as there will be other customers hurrying to buy the same products so here is a tip: fast fingers will definitely come in handy.

Can I get a glimpse of what is to come so I am sure this is not all hype?

You are assured of getting up to 40% off on the Blackberry Q10 and as much as 30% off all pairs of Women’s heels! This is just a tip of the iceberg of what is in store!

So there you have it people, 12.12. is the date, Jumia is the place, the spotlight is on you, what you gonna do?



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