Novissimo Dierum: “I felt so dejected and alone in the world.” ~ @Yemixxx



Today is the 12th of December and many years ago this young man we are featuring today was born. I met him a while back, and before we knew it we were thick as blood. A writer whose work I respect, I give you 2014 from the words of the “Aspiring Writer”:

“It started with celebration and gyration for the first week. Apparently, it was mere happiness of being in yet another year.

Normally, all the fuss, organized fun and short-termed joy irritates me but this time it was different. Well, after the first week, my mind was plunged into a lake of depression; I felt so dejected and alone in the world. I did not know the cause of this but it kept on for a while.

Twisted concoctions of sadness dished onto a plate of melancholy. I wrote a lot about it though, that was the only thing that kept me company; clauses and metaphors, words in their finest form. The depression phase subsided after a while, well I still do feel depressed once in a while but it’s not as bad.

Well, I got better and met new people, made new friends; friends who turned out to be family. Some goals have been accomplished, which is one of the important things.

Pleasant things have happened, unpleasant things too. Some things have happened in my life and of my family (close friends inclusive), but we thrive and stay strong.

I do admit I’m friends with the most wonderful people; I regard them as family because within this not-so-long period, we’ve been through a lot and we endured together.

Generally, my 2014 is better than the previous years, I mean it could be worse but it’s been really good. Learnt a lot and experienced much. All these is thanks to God and my family (close friends inclusive).”

Thanks Yemi, truly this year things have happened and as he said we thrive and stay strong. Thanks for sharing and happy birthday fam, birthday bants cos we getting turnt, God bless.yemi




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