(VIDEO) Mr Tunez ~ She Is Dying

Mr Tunez,a filmmaker and director launches a new documentary called “she is dying” today. A documentary supported and premiered by the humanitarian and refugee association,which is Nigeria’s window to other related international bodies in the humanitarian field.
The short documentary was premiered yesterday at the university of ibadan(centre for peace and conflict studies) with guests specially invited for the screening.
“I have painted the picture of a perfect nature…forest leaves,water,human race and activities which depict a perfect eco-system;a total life on planet earth. Today,its a totally different game…The world has become hostile,selfish and she is dying.she needs our help seriously.we have the responsiblity to help ourself and the world in return.watchout for the concluding major part of the documentary in 2015”
These were part of the speech of the filmmaker at the premiere yesterday.

This is the part one of this piece watch out for d part 2 soonest.


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