10 Bizarre Health Facts You Didn’t Know




HELLO! How is it going today fellas? Happy new week and merry Christmas in advance everyone. Since it’s December, the month in which countdown – to the New Year – fever hits everyone, we are going to be doing lists and numbers and orders of things in this corner. The list for today is about some health facts that will either blow your mind or make you slightly uncomfortable at the very least. The upside though, is that you get to know more about health, which is the point of this place anyways; knowing more about stuff.

So, here. List.

  • People who receive organs from other people have short life expectancy. This is because their immune system spends all the energy on fighting the new/foreign organ.
  • Eating boogers might/can strengthen your immunity.
  • Excessive snoring can be a cause for erectile dysfunction, so can female tears. As a matter of fact, female tears may contain a chemical that lowers testosterone.
  • Excessive body hair – especially on guys – is a sign of intelligence.
  • There is a phobia referred to as Cathisophobia; it is a terror of sitting down. A sufferer of this disorder will suffer anxiety/panic attacks when he is required to sit.
  • There is a disease referred to as “Foreign Accent Syndrome”. People who have this syndrome usually end up speaking in a totally different accent from their original accents.

(Side note: Although, this is a real and rare syndrome, most Nigerian IJGB members seem to have it too.) Unlooking though.

  • The way you lie affects your memory.
  • There is a disorder referred to as ‘Dhat Syndrome’. The syndrome describes a psychological concern that the body is losing semen.
  • Walking through doorways causes memory lapses.
  • There is a disorder known as ‘Scrupulousity’. Sufferers of this syndrome believe that they are in a constant state of sin.


Source: Listverse.com



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