Novissimo Dierum: ” I may or may not have swung from a pole like a monkey but that shiii was fun” ~ @Deboomsha



She is the representation of diverse, one with whom I share my love for art of the human body, books, and music. When this idea came to mind she was one of the first I asked. This is 2014 in the words of “The Bi-polar Sunshine”:

“Has anyone heard that Dammy Krane’s Amin song? If you haven’t go give it a listen. This is supposed to be a reflection of some sorts on the last 300 and whatnot days. I can just sum it up by saying I want to head to the nearest church, dancing shoki and belting out that song (I sound like a frog and my dancing is subpar at best) but you get my point.

I had a darn good year, despite all the low points and the feeling that nothing exceptional happened. I’m more than happy this is close to the end of it. This year for the first time in my adult life I had an actual popping party on my birthday and it was mad turnt. I may or may not have swung from a pole like a monkey but that shiii was fun. Oh and I got a lot of thrill gifts + a dreamy date with a bearded man, don’t ask me who he is or where he is.

This year I graduated from Medical school and no I’m not a Doctor. I Changed towns this year, started pseudo-working this year. Pseudo because well its internship (temporary supervised work with pay phase).

This year I learnt me, a lot seems really simple but there’s a lot you learn about yourself when you’re in a new town, starting a new phase in life, with your support system no longer a walk or room away, but at the end of a phone line that you may not even be strong or wise enough to pick up before the deed is done.

This year I didn’t lose many friends, and no one is dead. Learned many lessons this year, most I didn’t ask for. Formed the most unlikely friendships, alliances, same goes for dalliances and mistakes.


Not sure if I’ve yet got my old school love but, you guys really man cannot be a boss alone nah *crying* needs a person to give me support pon this throne. See it does look like nothing much happened this year, it is just my past, it is someone’s future and if there’s something I’ve made this year, its QUIET PROGRESS.


So yes I’ll crone Dammy krane’s amin accompanied by shoki infused with Yoruba cultural dance steps. It is okay for you to join me. Have you a very merry Christmas. Peace, love and chocolates. X.”


That was consuming, and happened real fast, I want to know about the guy though. Hey pips shout out to Bunmi Ojuri for coming through, 1(2)




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