A Survival Guide To Taxi Safety In Lagos & Abuja To Keep Safe This Christmas




It’s that season again, where all the Nigerian’s living in different areas of the world return home to celebrate the festive season with their loved ones. Most of them are usually referred to as the ‘I Just Got Back’ (Hashtag #IJGB) mostly because those four words are usually the next set of words out of their mouths after a brief introduction (If you’re just meeting them) or a short conversation.

Asides from this being the season where Nigerians in diaspora return, Nigeria also gets visited by tourists, looking to explore the city and have a nice vacation. One of the major aspects of everyone’s itinerary is movement, having heard so much about the country, the cool spots, the landmarks, the new spots they all itch to explore at touchdown. A few get a designated driver and car, while others go for the next best option – Taxi!

In a season where a lot of people harbour the fear of safety and worry about how to seamlessly explore the city in peace and comfort, Easy Taxi advises on a few guides to follow to ensure a safe and enjoyable taxi experience this season.

Airport Pick-Up: The first thing you’ll want to do after a long flight and when you finally get out of the airport after immigration is settle into a comfortable car. If you do not have any family or friend coming to pick you up from the airport, ensure you have contacted a licensed taxi company and have them send a reliable driver to chauffeur you out of the airport to your hotel or choice location.

Bars/Restaurants/Lounges: Christmas is a season of festivities and a lot of bars and restaurants have been renovated, renamed and given a total makeover just in time to ring in the New Year. If you are looking to explore the restaurant scene and nightlife but want to feel safe and comfortable at the same time, a licensed/registered taxi should be the next point of call.

Church/Mosque/Hospital: Your taxi experience to your place of worship or to the hospital should guarantee your safety as well. Ensure you hail a registered to convey you to your place of worship and in good time too!

When it comes to your safety and convenience, especially in the cities of Lagos and Abuja, ensure you have a reliable taxi at your fingertips which will conveniently and efficiently take you whenever and wherever you need to be this holiday season. Keep Safe!




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