Poetry: The Force of Nature





An island that rose from the sea following an earthquake is pictured off Pakistan's Gwadar coastline in the Arabian Sea


Fire and ice, earth and wind

Needle like droplets of rain on the fields

The sting of heat right beneath my skin

Whistling and barking, howling and tweeting


Mother Nature she rises and bares her fangs

Towering above all that’s lying in her path

She rises in a cacophony of sight and sound

She slithers and thrives in the most hidden cracks


She will rage, she will war; she will fight and defend

She will rise in a stand against the metal monsters

With a quake and a shake; with a spinning wind of fury

She will raise a standard against a man-made invasion.



Novissimo Dierum: "only few can sacrifice their tears and pain to make their loved ones happy" ~ Faridah Kadir
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