Novissimo Dierum: ” 2014 picked up rather slow, drab, mundane” ~ @Rotimialabi



You talk of weird in its extremity this meta-human is a very vain and self-absorbed sweet and caring dude who should run a culinary school, and in his words this is his 2014:

“It started off on a boring note, an air of indifference, its promises shrouded in a cloud of obscurity. 2014 picked up rather slow, drab, mundane, whatever words that will appropriately describe the boredom, considering my birthday is the last day of the year, and I spent it alone albeit with my bottles of Spanish white. I thought to myself, this boredom has to end and end it did. I met new people, forged new bonds, strengthened old ones. Lived, laughed, empathized and had fun, mega fun.

Dyed my hair purple Which turned to Burgundy, then wine, then red then brown, and back to red*or was it red?* Boat cruises (oh yeah, bite me Yemi,Yemicray,Temisan and Tony), Halloween party. Sold out Bettie’s number and didn’t even get a cut, sorry Bettie.

Slumber parties (you don’t want to attend one of my slumber parties, It’s not for the faint of heart, Lol.) The beach, Oh the beach. Having a few pieces from my collection out, hopefully the full collection will be out next year.

This year has made me realize I’m loved (love you guys right back) plus I’ve even started receiving early gifts*yaaay*, the rest of you, fall in line! I’m envied *shrugs*, I’m hated on (like I care? Ain’t nobody got time for that). Have you had soy milk before? It’s lovely (don’t ask what it is doing there, Just go with it).

Daring, fashion forward, savvy, Intelligent, vain, immortal. I am who I am, I will be what I want to be and life will offer me what I make out of it. And It’s a wrap, PS- 2015 will be 50 shades of awesome-er”.

You see I wasn’t lying about his vainness, life will offer you what you make out of it so be your best. Thanks to Rotimi for sharing.IMG_20141201_1




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