Novissimo Dierum: “I was part of a team that put together the best annual health week” ~ @vermesnaydu



Ceo El Pharos group, pharmacist, vocalist, dancer, PRO extraordinaire, should I keep going? (lol). A friend, business partner and many other things, here is what he had to say about 2014:

“Well, this year has been a weird year for me because I just feel God carried me through every quarter of the year. At every point this year I was so weak to do a whole lot of things, but with every year I have come across I always dare myself to do something exclusively different.

Last year it was Mr. and Miss. Medilag, this year it wasn’t just the poise to do it all over again but the strength to continue, the leverage to break the jinx that most people had in organizing shows even at my younger age.

That aside, I added spice to the job of the PRO of the best student bodies in the University of Lagos, the college of medicine and pharmaceutical science students association (COMPSSA). I was part of a team that put together the best annual health week.

This year also, my younger ones (the two) gained admissions and I am so happy, although it came at a very high cost as usual. The end of my first degree program, Pharmacy is nigh and even before a whole lot of people who were more dedicated to school, God has been so kind to provide me with a job already.

Words can’t describe this feeling, dictionaries lack the vocabulary to express this. The need for more is overcome by the quest for gratitude to the most high.

It’s been one of the best years of my life, those who I met in the past who have been strong enough to still stand by me have been tremendously great. I’ve discarded a whole lotta people out of my life, you don’t want to have an idea.

All in all, I am grateful to the stars and God ALMIGHTY, for my MOM who’s been a strong backbone,
And my father who’s being my personal ATM, the best friend and my business adviser”.

I have watched Victor grow into a fine young man and for this I too am thankful, 2015 he is ready for you.vermes




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