(PICZ) Our Man Crush This Week: Jesus Christ #MCM pic.twitter.com/wkooMAjf2t



What up fam! It’s another Monday, and it’s so close to Christmas, and we can’t wait for your collective jollof rice contribution. In the spirit of Christmas, our MCM today is the big guy himself, the reason for the season; Jesus Christ.

We can go about listing all the cool stuff we know about Jesus, but y’all have to admit that the coolest thing that has ever been done by Uncle Jesus is walking on water. I mean, the man can float without smoking anything; dude wasn’t even high.

Not only did he walk on water, he cured madness –  I’m sure none of you is brave enough to talk to a mad person – and did some cray water and air bending. Like how awesome is that?

If we decide to keep going, we’ll run out of the space for this post. So instead, let’s all just stare at these pictures and show some respect for the awesome.

Jesus4 Jesus3 Jesus



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