There Is Hope: “For The Child Next Door”


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A poem must not be a series of words that rhyme, it is an artistic description of how you feel on a particular topic. Sometimes words fail you and you just go blank like you don’t know what to say, at this very moment i am in such a state, but even if words fail they will never be too much. Here is a piece from a writer’s heart to those who know what it is to be at the bottom of the ladder:

“Eyes shut, ears wide open,

Scared that they would come soon,

They have taken away our bed,

Burned down our house,

Dad spends all day looking for what we will eat,

Mum didn’t even last long before the cruel hands of death snatched her from us.

My manners!!! But need I introduce myself?

Well, I am “Pain” and my surname is “Poverty”

I have spent nine miserable years on the surface of this earth,

I have seen what some 90 year olds haven’t.

I am at the bottom of the ladder, in fact I am the bottom of the ladder.

I used to cry but even tears have turned against me,

Feeding from hand to mouth believing that one day the sun that shines on the house of that man called “Rich Man” will shine on my dad too.

They say I am the future YES I believe this,

They say I can turn the lives of others around, where is that possibility?

I represent a minority of the majority without a voice,

Our voices buried so deep we can’t even hear ourselves.

I am the child called “Pain Poverty”

A child that might just be next door.”

This is dedicated to every child whose voice can’t be heard, we don’t know what the future is but we would keep pushing. There are people out here fighting for you, never give up. There is Hope.





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