Novissimo Dierum: “how does one bare his soul when it still is red, too raw and produces pain” ~ @Phoenixafuye



He asked to be posted on the 25th and I found that magical, a writer and friend I appreciate a lot. In the words of the “deranged mosquito” this is 2014:

“There always is a lot to be thankful for, I said. There always is hope, I believed. I would always have child-like faith in God; that is what I thought for a very long time. Sighs!!

Okay Good morning/ afternoon/ evening mortals; time is totally pointless where I am from. A land where huge, bright green trees sway continuously, dancing to the sonorous rhythms of the music of the winds; where bright blue seas roll and toss and turn like prize stallions on show, I would stop here now lest you commit suicide.

It’s Christmas and once again Santa has forgotten to show up with my gifts; So when Shem Kadir asked me to do a review of my year, I was initially opposed to the idea. How does one review a year when so much energy has been invested into forgetting most of it, how does one bare his soul when it still is too red, too raw and simple breeze over it produces so much pain? But the more I thought about it, the more I realized I was being more than a tad ungrateful. I who professes to say thank you at every opportunity out of sincere appreciation for the little things done me, how did I get here, where I’ve been so blinded to all the great things which happened this year? How did I forget to be thankful for great friends I made this year, for even greater relationships I maintained? So here I am, shaking off my apathy, my self-loathing and my aggrandizement of things that do not deserve to be emphasized and for this opportunity, for this blessing, I say thank you Shem and thank you (yes you who is reading this, save it ooo, gods only thank puny mortals as often as Sango doesn’t suffer from halitosis, which is errrrrm)

So I begin, this year was a year of many beginnings for me. I finally got to graduate from medical school and even though I had issues with my project supervisor who refused to sign my project (he also doubles as HOD of the department and Jagaban of the whole school). My project palava taught me a very harsh lesson; almost everybody will toss you under the train to save their own skin; at first I was bitter, but then I grew. After graduation, I made a decision which I have at times regretted; to not work in Luth and to leave Lagos entirely for my internship. Funny, it was a decision my parents understood and did not dispute.

Also this year, I had to confront and conquer my greatest fear; the fear of routine, everyday work. Mehn, shii got me pissing in my pants regularly, I’m a lazy person you see but working has been fun, I never thought I’ll hear myself say that and the past few weeks were we have been on strike have been horrible. I met some awesome people in Ogun state.

This year my blogging went down, I still have severe difficulty stringing words together to form sentences and that’s one of the negatives.

Friends? 2014 didn’t give me many friends, much unlike the previous year. But I learnt how to keep old friendships, I am one of those people who tend to take good friends for granted and just drift away unconsciously. This year, not much so the few friends I held on to, I’m holding tightly.

Family; Several incidents happened in the middle of the year and rather than bring me closer to family, I found myself drifting farther and farther away from the pack. My younger sis began her A-levels and we didn’t talk for months at a time. Every time, I vow to change, every time, I fail.

Finances; unlike 2013, I had stable finances this year. I thought moving out of Lagos will reduce my spending. ZOBO, RED PEPPERY ZOBO…….  I still spent on average what I spent in Lag.

I learnt to cook for myself regularly and now, asides junk I never buy food anymore.  The bachelor life is in full swing, I had to stock my pantry up from my pocket, pay for utilities and such from my pocket, buy gas from my pocket, and buy petrol from my pocket. Omo, there was a point when I sat down and calculated how much fuel I used every day. I practically had the gen on whenever there was no light like I did at home, after I realized I was spending like 8H on fuel every day, I begin dey calculate Nepa light cycle like say na safe period. This period elevated my respect for my parents 7-fold.

All those times when diesel was scarce (and diesel is always scarce) and we could only put the gen on from 7-12, and I and my siblings go dey vex; Na small pikin dey do us. Now, jungle don mature.

In 2014, I learned to respect routine and even like it. I have begun to learn money management, I have learnt to cook, to appreciate loved ones (Valar Morghulis) and 2015 promises to be an exciting year and no, it’s not because of elections because when given a choice between two evils you do not choose except it’s by force. In 2015, I round off my internship, I go for NYSC which was something I never thought I would look forward to. Hopefully, I’ll be posted out of Lag, but in the south. Maybe I’ll finally shed my singu pringu tag and get myself attached by wrapper. Also I’m going to get closer to family, by force. I know I also said this last year but this time it’s for real)

PS: I know it’s already christmas but share the love, I want a Yamaha DG-650 Portable grand piano and na shikini money; $620 lasan.

God bless you, God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria; Merry Christmas everyone.”

Fun read for me, sure it was same for you. Thanks to Afuye who I had to bully to get a picture. From me and the entire OLODO NATION crew it’s a merry Christmas lovelies.





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