Dear Jesus, Happy Birthday


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What’s up y’all?! Merry Christmas!!! How’s your Christmas going? Trust you’ve had a blast. I must say I am kind of sad that you guys didn’t send any Christmas rice, or chicken or barbecue, but it’s all good; Jesus gave me some.

Speaking of Jesus, as the topic suggests; this post is a greeting card of sorts. You know, since we can’t mail one straight to heaven to that effect. As we stated earlier this week, Jesus is awesome and his awesomeness deserves some respect. As a matter of fact, he is too cool to share week with a WCW; our collective crush is on him.

So dear Jesus, happy birthday. Even though this is coming a bit late, we just want to say that you are lovely, awesome, cool, you give the coolest replies to everything and you tell the best stories. You have the deepest level of depth ever.

I could go on, but I just wanna say that I really appreciate how nice you are to us in the big scheme of things.

We here at olodo nation wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy new year in advance. Thank you for your loyalty, your patronage (S/O to NTA for teaching me that statement. Who watches NTA anyway?), always rolling with us and for just being you. Have a great weekend/end of the year guys!




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