Stoner Diaries—Episode 2: High Class


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It was one of those very hot days; one of those days in which the Lagos sun swore to all the other folks in the solar system that it/he/she – who cares? – will fry all the living beings. Thank God I’m one of the strong ones. I wiped another sticky trail of sweat off my face and concentrated on getting to my destination. I had been walking for at least 30minutes, and I was starting to feel like passing out before I got heat stroke or worse; dropped dead. I knew my imaginations were running wild, but I didn’t care at that particular moment.

I adjusted my glasses as I walked into the Department of Psychology and brought out the small notebook in my back pocket. I was about to receive my last lecture for the year and I wasn’t too happy about it. The lecturer is out to get me, so regardless of how hard I work to pass the course, the man won’t let me off easily. He told me to “hold table or carry my course”; and I chose the road less taken; to carry the course. But that wasn’t even what was making me unhappy; it was the fact that the class was unscheduled and I didn’t know about it until after I had just finished hitting some quality bush with Dara and Bukky. Suffice it to say, I was unhappy about the class because it wasn’t allowing me to peacefully enjoy my high.

Just as I got into the class and sat down, the lecturer came in and without preamble, got into his lecture. I struggled to keep from sneering at the man; see how serious he looked, didn’t even fool me at all. Dara and Bukky walked in about 10minutes after me and sat beside me on each side, putting me in the middle.

“What are we talking about?” Dara asked
“Sigmund Freud” I replied
“Who is that? The one stealing money is named after?” He asked
“What?! No. Ode.” Bukky replied “He’s the one that created psychoanalysis.”

“Yeah” I continued for her “Like opening brains and getting all the stuff in the mind and all that.”
“Oooh…. like how weed dey psychoanalyze us.” Dara said in wonder.
“Yesssss” Bukky replied and nodded. She wasn’t a regular smoker like myself and Dara, but she occasionally joined us when she felt a need to unwind.

“…..said that we have the ID, the ego and the super ego. These three are basically the parts that make up the whole.” The lecturer said as he wrote the three points on the board with a red marker.

“Yeahhhhh… I know this shit” Dara said as he stared at the board. I chuckled and shook my head, which seemed to rile him up because he cleared his throat and entered lecture mode.

“See ehn, the ID is like who you really are you know, like the you in you. Like the real you, you know.” He paused to see if we got it, so we nodded, then he continued.
“The ego is like the man in the you in you. It’s the part that’s like ‘Joe, calm down, you’re a boss, you can do this, life is not so hard. You get?”
He raised his brows and looked at us expectantly; we  slowly shook our heads. He sighed and started to explain again when…

“Mr. Daramola Martins, would you care to stand up and tell the class what is so interesting?” the lecturer called out and we froze.

“Shit” I muttered as Dara stood up and cleared his throat, what was he going to say?

“I was explaining to my friend here sir, that the three parts; ID, Ego and Superego are properly represented in Sigmund’s Iceberg Model. This model shows the roles that this three play in relation to conscious and unconscious thought, it also gives us an…….” I lost track here and just stared at Dara’s mouth.

“That’s okay. We know that you know book.” the lecturer said, effectively cutting him off after almost five minutes. Dara was talking about ‘The Principle of Psychic Inertia’ and something about Nirvana at this point.
He sat down and smiled to himself, then turned to look at me and Bukky. We were staring at him open-mouthed and he started to giggle.

“What the hell was all that crap you just said?” I asked after he stopped laughing.
“No idea” He replied deadpan
“For real?” I asked again
“Sweardown” he said and chuckled.

It didn’t take long to understand what had inspired him though. So I wasn’t shocked when I asked him; “Still high?” and he nodded and said “Still high.”

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