Do We Know As Much As We Claim To? #OLODOM


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Good day my beautiful people, it is the last Sunday of the year and though I have my reservations about the year I am also very thankful. I am thankful that this year we were able to establish this relationship that would grow into something bigger next year. So before the year runs out lets take this last quote and savor it.

Man is made from a little liquid and when he dies turns to sand, these occurrences have no specific dates; meaning we do not know when any happens. We are outweighed by this uncertainty yet we bask in such self-absorbed confidence. I have nothing against self confidence, but do do we know as much as we think we do and are we handicapped by these uncertainties? Juggle you thoughts people it’s a new week and it is a new year in a bit, I hope you are as eager as I am to see what 2015 holds, see you there.C001AE1AD_4e8c35a0-8bc4-11e4-987d-0200ac11f45f




Novissimo Dierum: "It was filled with so much; joy, fear, pain, laughter, good friends" ~ @Mzz_kemmie
Dear Jesus, Happy Birthday

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