Five Easy Tricks To Help You Survive Harmattan


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Hello beautiful people! Happy new year, how was your weekend? I trust you guys had the best time during the holidays, cause I know I did; even if nobody brought  Christmas jollof for me. So welcome into the new year, may this year be awesome for all of us. The track for this post is Odun Yi by Jaywon, although the content has no correlation whatsoever; so…. yeah. Let it play in your head for a bit while you sway gently to the beat. #BARZ


Anyways, on to the topic for today, in my infinite kindness and love I am sharing knowledge on surviving harmattan season as a new year gift to you lovely people. We have resolved to tell you guys everything this year. We have also resolved to not waste your time. And on that note, here are some tips on surviving the confusing season that’s harmattan.


Drink lots of water. This is important because dry air is the bane of the harmattan season, and the lack or absence of humidity when the air is dry will result in dryness of skin. It is important to stay hydrated so that the skin does not become dry and then eventually start to chafe and peel. Plus when your skin is dry, you become light skinned; not in a cool way, but in that weird, ghoulish way.


Always hold a jacket. The one thing that makes harmattan a confusing season is how fast the weather changes. It can go from cold to hot to warm and then right back to cold in the space of hours. So that you don’t get to suffer uneccessarily while the weather is doing her – yeah, the weather is female; she has enough mood swings to prove it – thing, hold a jacket that can work as a fashion accessory when its hot and a form of protection when it’s cold.


Keep your feet warm. You can do this by wearing covered shoes like sneakers or boots. The endgame is to keep your feet covered and as comfortable as possible. The warmth will reduce the chances of you catching a cold. You can also wear socks to keep warm.


Chap stick is important. Never forget this, because even when harmattan stops being cold, it remains very dry. The upside of this is that you don’t have to worry about layers anymore; the downside however is that you have to combat even more dryness. One area of dryness that is especially hated is the lips, because it almost always leads to peeling. To prevent this, always carry chap stick around so you can apply it intermittently to keep your lips soft and moist.


– Keep yourself dry. Keeping dry will help you stay warm too, as water on your skin can invite a chill. Being dry can help you keep out the cold almost as well as warm dressing can. While keeping yourself dry, you should take care to stay hydrated and moisturized so that dryness does not turn into chaffing.

Other things you can do include applying moisturizer regularly, frequent body scrubbing, wear protective glasses over your eyes to keep it safe from dust, and be careful of the dry wind. And that is all about that; do remember to protect yourself from this season so it doesn’t mess up your health this early in the year. Do take care of yourselves and have a great year.



Poetry: Arewa
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