Wow!!! Male Birth Control Pills Discovered(99% Effective )




College, Airlangga University has been granted the patency to manufacture a non-hormonal male contraceptive pill which is derived from a local plant called ” Justicia gendarussa”

A medicinal plant called “Justicia gendarussa,” also known as the willow-leaved Justicia is currently being used to extract it’s medicinal properties to produce a male contraceptive. The research is  led by Dr. Bambang Prajogo and Dr. Dyan Pramesti who are the project’s lead scientists. The plant has been used by Indonesian men for years. They usually boiled it’s leaves, filtered it and drunk it just 30 minutes before sex. It was thought to prevent their wives from getting pregnant and clinical trials are underway.

Is it Effective?


Currently, it has been found to be 99% effective and has few minor side effects in comparison to the female birth control pill which has side effects such as occasional spot bleeding, vomiting, headaches and nausea due to the synthetic hormones.

Mechanism of Action?

Research has shown that the drug works by “weakening enzymes in sperm that allow them to swim  into a woman’s egg (ovum)”


It is usually taken once a day, an hour before sexual intercourse.

What Are Its Side Effects?

Participants in the clinical trials have reported weight gain and surprisingly, an increase in libido. Other minor side effects included: zits, nausea etc.

Duration of Action.

The effect of the drug lasts for 30 days after which the subjects’ sperm cells will become able to fertilize an ovum once again.


This could be a major breakthrough of the long awaited birth control pill for men and could be a vital instrument of family planning.

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