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It’s been three weeks, two days and 14hours since Iyke broke up with me. I’ve been like Adele for the past three weeks, only a little bit sadder. I know all her songs and I have that raspy quality in my voice, so I’m basically Adele right now and I’m currently at work reading poetry online. It makes my pain feel real to me. Vivian, my boss peeks into my office and knocks right before she comes in and sits down.

Although she tries to hide it pretty well, I can tell that she hates me, all the more because I can do my job and her job better than her and all the people currently in her circle. As if to buttress my point, she clears her throat and says “I heard the good news. How are you holding up?”
“Good?” I ask her; is this woman for real?
“Yes. You broke up with Iyke Martins right?”
“Yes I did; two weeks ago. But how is that good news?”
“Oh” that disgusting laugh she always does, “Forgive me. It just occurred to me that you might be heartbroken, but now that you’re single; maybe you’d have more time for your work.” She says and makes to leave the room.

Have more time for my work? What the hell is this woman’s problem? I put up my middle finger and wiggle it at her turned back, just as she turns to face me. I immediately change it to a peace sign and smile at her. “Thank you for coming by Vivian” I say with false calm, “I really appreciate it.”
“Yes well, sometimes we higher ups have to come down to your level to smooth things over for you in work and life.” She smiles and closes the door behind her. I know it’s really cliché, but immediately the door closes, I throw a file at the door with a loud grunt. It kind of makes me feel good; now I know why people in movies do it a lot.

I swivel in my chair for a while and think about Iyke; I can’t get him out of my head for some reason. Last I heard he was parading clubs on the island with his new girlfriend. I need to find a way to stop thinking about him before I lose my mind. I pick up my phone and call my friend; Bimbo – Bibi for short. If there is anyone that can help me feel better right now, it’s her. She picks on the fifth ring and screams into the phone.
“What the hell!” I yell at the phone before bringing it back to my ear.

“Darling, I’m sorry; saw a cockroach on my bed. How are you holding up?” she asks in that low velvety voice of hers that I love.
“Oh, everyone needs to stop asking me that” I say and fight back tears.
“I’m sorry darling. Iyke is such a jerk; he totally doesn’t deserve you.”
“I know” I say “But why was he the one to let go first? I told you I was tired months ago, but I stayed because I wanted to work it out. Why didn’t he want that?” I can’t hold it in anymore at this point, so the tears start to fall.
“Oh honey, don’t cry. Bibi is here for you, Bibi will do everything in her power to make sure you never date a jerk ever again.” she says and I start to smile.

“Bibi needs to stop talking about herself in the third person.” I reply and sniff; speaking to Bibi and crying for a bit has relieved me so I bid her farewell and try to focus on work.
My office phone rings so I clear my throat and pick up the receiver; it’s Vivian on the line. “Sorry Kim” she says “I forgot to mention; we have hired two people. One of them is an editor like yourself and he is quite good at his job; probably better than you but we’ll decide later. He’ll be in your office.” That disgusting laugh again.
“What?! Am I getting fired right now?” I ask; it would just be the perfect end to a really shitty month.
“Oh no dear, nothing like that. You have to work with this guy, show him how we do things here, basically what you do.” She replies
“Okay. Will do” I say and move to put down the receiver but her voice stops me.
“Kim if you mess this up, you’ll be in serious trouble because the guy came highly recommended from someone who’s a friend of a friend of his father. Plus he studied in America, so behave.” She hangs up before I have anything to say, so I just stare at the phone angrily.

I decide to start working while waiting for the new editor, which turns out to be near impossible since I can only think about how Vivian is trying to send me out of the company. After trying and failing to do any serious work for about 30minutes, I give up and head out to lunch; better to get some food in me if I’m going to be starring in my very own episode of Office Wars. By the time I realize my mistake, it’s already too late to duck and run. Everybody knows about my break up – thanks to Vivian – so I spend the most uncomfortable 20minutes of my life accepting condolences again and trying to rush my food in the classiest way possible. This is all Vivian’s fault; she annoyed me so much I forgot that all these phony sympathizers are in the lunch room.

As soon as I finish my food, I rush out of the room and run to the safety of my office. Only when I get to my office, it’s no longer my office; it’s a room being renovated. There are men everywhere moving and rearranging stuff, and then working another desk into the awesome space in front of my desk; the space I occasionally use for important stuff like working out and random happy dancing. Also for some celebrity interviews, but let’s focus on things that matter here. I pause for a moment, then go back out to check if I have the right office; it’s mine alright.

“What are you doing?” I ask and wince at the squeak in my voice. I meant to sound intimidating and angry.
Most of them just ignore me and keep working, but two of them turn and face me. One of them is extremely handsome and has a cute little goatee, I keep that at the back of my mind for later; the other is just plain looking. They look somewhat familiar, but I don’t have time to place faces so I ask what they are doing again

“We are moving in. Or what does it look like?” The plain one answers right before the really handsome one taps him discreetly. “What!” I vaguely hear him whisper as he hits his friend back, but I don’t take note of that because I just realized why this guys look so familiar. The ugly one – he is ugly to me now – is the rude one from the interview two weeks ago; the day Iyke ended it between us.
No. Just…. No.
“No! No! No! No!” I say as I stomp towards Vivian’s office, all thoughts of Iyke swiftly forgotten as I think about the smirk on ugly’s face.

How to move on with dignity; get distracted, let your distraction piss you the hell off.

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