7 Healthy Hair Tips For The Harmattan Season





Hello y’all, how’s it going? Cold much? No? Pssh; you guys are probably aliens, or really tush people who have spent a lifetime inside really cold, air conditioned rooms. You don’t know how to feel cold anymore. I’m sorry, I kid. How was your weekend, hope it was fun?

The post today is once again about surviving this weather. We know we are starting to sound like a broken record, what with harmattan posts everywhere, but y’all need these tips that we share out of love. We are sharing hair survival tips today, because yunno; hair is important. If you disagree, think about all that warmth you feel in your head, reflect on how you don’t feel cold in your head /brain and begin to nod in agreement.

So, these are seven ways to keep your hair super cool and healthy during the harmattan season.

– Tiny braids are a negative. If you must have braids, so that the dryness doesn’t quickly get to your hair roots and cause breakage, stick with big or box braids

– Oil your hair. Regularly. Everyday.

– Do not make a habit of combing, brushing or letting down your hair all the time.

– For the naturalists, now is the time to stick with those protective hairstyles.

– Cornrows or hairstyles involving rows of any sort are advisable instead of braids.

– Eat lots of fruits and drink lots of water

– Wash, steam and apply hair treatment regularly to avoid the breakage or falling off of hair.

So yeah, that’s it; go ye therefore and have great hair. You’ll still have nothing on Brazilian weave though.

Have a great week! 🙂

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