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I watch the girl stomp off and chant the word “No” over and over again, and fight the urge to laugh out loud. She is almost childlike in her anger and it is all I can do not to pull her by her ponytail and pat her on the head. As if he can read my thoughts, Lekan chuckles and says “cute”. The way he says it has me turning my head and I see that he is stroking his goatee in that weird way that tells me he has something up his sleeves.
“What are you thinking?” I ask him and he does not disappoint, as he just winks and nods to himself.

I look around the big office that was rapidly becoming a closed up space shared between three people and I almost feel sorry for the lady. But then, she brought this upon herself. She probably doesn’t remember me, but I have been unable to forget her since the day she snapped at me to “leave this building; interviews are over.” I was so enraged I could barely see straight. I had sworn to myself that day that I was going to get my revenge on her whether anyone liked it or not.

So imagine my joy when Lekan told me his distant uncle owned this magazine and that was why he brought me for the interview in the first place. Of course, we went right over ‘madam frost’’ head and encouraged Lekan’s uncle to give me the job by hinting at the finer points in my life. Finer points like how rich my parents are, the fact that they are royalty, the fact that I studied in ‘The America’ and my English speaking skills would be a very profitable asset to his magazine. Of course, we had to persuade him to employ me as an assistant and to let me use a fake name so that my father would be unable to find me. Although it’s annoying that the editor, whom I’ve come to see as a high class slut is in on our little secret, and I have to be Lekan’s assistant to cover my tracks, I’m starting to feel like this might work.

“This is like your very own ‘Coming to America’ movie, except of course without the girl.” Lekan says and I laugh. “Oh there’ll be one soon enough.” I reply and he starts laughing. His laughter is quickly cut short when Pony tail lady bursts into the office with the slutty senior editor behind her. I stifle a laugh and go sit behind my desk, while Lekan clears his throat. I watch her work to control her temper while she points out that there isn’t enough space to accommodate three desks comfortably, and I have to give her points for her composure. She is speaking in a soft, clear voice and her face shows no trace of anger, except for a small vein pulsing on the side of her head. I feel sorry for her now, because all I have to do is wink at Vivian and Kim will totally be forgotten.

“Maybe two, but not three” she is saying to Vivian “Let the assistant stay in the next office with my secretary.”

I sit up at this point; she wants me to sit with the secretary? In that pitiful office? Who does she think she is?! I make up my mind to deal with her in this office. I clear my throat, which makes Vivian turn to face me; then I wink. She can barely control herself as she waves dismissively at Kim and walks to my desk.

“Kim darling, work with me here. Since Mr. Lekan is your co-editor, he needs an assistant just as much as you do.” Vivian says looking straight at me.

As I watch Vivian stare at Ugly the assistant, I start to wonder why murder is a sin. I take a deep breath and nod; if these three people think they can play me like this, they are dead wrong.
“I understand” I say to Vivian’s back and smile at Mr. Lekan with the goatee. “Welcome.”
“Thank you.” He replies.
I nod respectfully to Vivian as she passes me and heads for the door, then I raise my middle finger and wiggle it behind her back. Goatee guy and his ugly assistant wait till she has closed the door behind her before they start laughing. I hiss at them and go back to my desk; the fact that it takes me all of three steps to get to the desk annoys me so much I want to scream. I turn on my computer, while asking myself what I did in a past life to deserve this level of stress.

“Help me say amin o…… Amin.” My phone rings and I wake up with a start. I check my watch, and it’s almost 8:00pm; I have been asleep for almost an hour. My phone is still ringing so I quickly swipe the screen and put the phone to my ear.
“How stupid can you be?!” The voice yells before I can say anything.
“Yes. Iyke, you idiot. You told pastor I broke up with you?” He yells, his rage almost like a physical thing standing in front of me. “I didn…..” I start to explain.
“Shut up!” He says “Will you die without attention? Why don’t you tell the whole world then.”
“But Iyke, why are you talking like this?” My voice catches on a sob, and I realize I’m already crying. The line goes dead and I try not to feel sorry for myself. I decide to go home, since its already late.

“Relationship troubles?” I hear someone ask from across the room and almost jump out of my skin, right before I remember that we are now three people sharing the office. Its Goatee guy, and he’s packing his stuff for home too. I shake my head and turn so he won’t see that I’ve been crying, then I clear my throat and ask why he’s still at work.
“Just clearing stuff up. You don’t need to hide your face, I know you’ve been crying. He pauses “I also know you talk in your sleep.” He chuckles at that last bit and I fight the urge to squirm. I can’t help being curious, so after a few minutes I ask him what I said in my sleep.

“Let’s be friends first?” He says and stretches out his hand for a shake. I look at him for a few seconds, then I shrug and take his hand.

Living life is embracing changes.

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