5 Reasons Why Procrastination Is Bad For Your Health


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Hello, good day. Happy Monday to you. Or is it? Is it really a happy Monday? Because I mean; it’s Monday, it’s like the one day in the week in which you have to be serious no matter what, so that your week can be productive and fruitful and all that. I don’t particularly care for you Monday, you make me so sad. I’m grown though; so I will move on and work with all seriousness. OR – in Barney Stinson’s voice – I could just sleep now and do work stuff later. But that’s procrastination, and in line with our “Get Stuff Done” motto – for those of you on the BBM channel – we are talking about that today.

Procrastination is defined as the act of postponing, delaying or putting off, especially habitually or intentionally. It’s something every youth can attest to doing at one point in their lives. Based on personal experience, and research information, I have come to find that we procrastinate because we find it hard to put ourselves in the mood for any specific task we have to do. If we are speaking in plain terms; we are lazy perfectionists, so we rationalize everything until we are unable to perform accordingly.

So, here are five reasons why procrastination is bad for your health;

– Habitual procrastination can affect mental health.

– Procrastination creates more work for us to do, which leads to a high stress level, when we start to think of all the backlogged tasks we have to perform.

– Continued procrastination can lead to continued feelings of stress and anxiety, which can in turn lead to more serious cases like depression, among other things.

– Procrastination will eventually lead to your ignoring a potentially serious health problem, until it becomes some huge money and time consuming monster.

– Procrastination can give you an altered image of yourself – as someone that works better under pressure – and this can lead to a meltdown/breakdown of sorts, if and when you disappoint or fail to achieve a preset goal.

– This is an extra and you may or may not take it, but procrastination will keep you in team #ForeverAlone for life. Amean; if you don’t set that P now, when will you set it?

Basically, everyone feels the need to procrastinate at some point or other, but we must try our best to get rid of this bad habit. The best way to get rid of this bad habit is to just get started. It doesn’t matter whether the time or place is wrong; most times, we find that we can make any situation perfect for action if we want to. You can also get a daily planner to highlight each task, so that you are able to pick items off your list and keep track of your accomplishments. It is important to note that procrastination can become a habit and a very dangerous one at that. So, the lesson today is this; that we learn to push ourselves beyond all constraints; both material and mental, and get to achieving.

Have a great week.



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