Miss Tiwantiwa Beauty Pageant 2015



The Miss TiwanTiwa pageant is a reality styled beauty pageant which has a blended culture theme where the beauty practices of the Yoruba culture will be highlighted with today‘s modern techniques using products that enhance beauty physically.

The theme for Miss Tiwantiwa 2015 is “beauty in the market place”

The pageant will also showcase the talent and creativity of the young Yoruba woman and her impact in society. The first half of the pageant will be the viewer’s choice while the latter half will be determined by Judges.

Contestants will be accommodated at Miss Tiwantiwa Villa for two weeks where there will be recorded and highlights shown on TV every day.

There would also be special Focus on Miss Photogenic which will be the viewer’s choice and judged via social media Campaign

The fashion, styling and carriage of the contestant will reflect the cultural Yoruba lifestyle for today. Using locally designed fabric such as the Aso-Oke and Adire, the contestants will have 50% of the costume tailored with these fabrics.

There will be visits to cultural sites such as the palaces of the Ooni of Ife and Lagos, the Adire pits in Abeokuta, Olumo Rock and Erin-Ijesha waterfalls. The pageant will be presented in Yoruba and English to showcase the entire pageant.

Auditions will take place in Lagos, Abeokuta, and Ibadan in May

Prizes to be won include

  • Star Prize – Car
  • Cash Prize for the Queen
  • Modeling Contract

Consolation Prizes include, Tickets for Vacation Trips Phone and Tablets, Household Electronics, Beauty Products, Gift Vouchers and many more

The grand finale will be in Lagos at the Landmark Centre Victoria Island


For all contestant enquiries, sponsorship and product placement details visit www.misstiwantiwa.com

Call 01-4534410 or send an email to info@tiwantiwa.tv

Forms are now available at www.misstiwantiwa.com


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