And The Winner Is: Do You Know Who?


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It is a mind thing, you are in a spot taking a shot at the win, the jonze you feel, that adrenaline rush making it look like yesterday was non-existent, and tomorrow is a no-show. That feeling that makes it look like the only thing that matters is this minute, the time between you and the prize. If you would win, if you would lose, your fate is yours to decide. Anger, pain, pressure, love, hate, ego, fear, joy;  taking these feelings all at once, not letting one take over the other, letting them fill you.

You are there, seconds tick like minutes, minutes like hours, looking around if the crowd is rooting for you or if all they are about is hoping you lose. You spot one person acknowledging your every stretch, wince when it’s like you are stressing the calf, smile when you shake it off. That one person you fixate on, that person becomes your energy, you draw from him what you can, you nod to his silent thoughts which you imagine as words of encouragement, you see his lips move and you feel he is cheering for you, in that moment you take pride in getting this far, in that moment you feel almost fulfilled.

Then the voice of the marks man brings it all back, the race is a short one, can you win these other people? Are you in the right place? Should you give up? Should you walk away? Then you look back into the crowd to see that face you have fixated on, you feel you see him give you a nod and mumble “it is okay”. The mark’s man voice starts “on your mark”, you bend to take the stance, all your work is about to earn its point. He says “gets set”, and you are set, you are determined to make it first to that finish line no matter what, you have unchained the inner beast, you manifest into someone else, and when you hear the gun that means “GO” your body moves and so do you, you struggle, push push push till the very end no matter what, you do not stop, that is you; the one that should never stop.  Hold on to these thought for a bit and relish in them.

This is life with its ups, its downs, its delusion, and its games. This is how some people get through it, how some go to bed not sure they would see the light of day but they are hopeful, some wake up to a gloom day and they shake it off like its nothing, some lose everything yet don’t give up till they are at the finish line. For some they never make it to the track, some walked away, some gave up before the end, and some gave in to weakness. Who do you want to be? Where do you stand? Are you a win or a loss?

The race to breath, the race to feed, the race to love, the race to live, the race to win, all of these are life races that we are running. And the winner is ________________, fill in the gap my lovelies and have a good day.




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