News | Court dissolves marriage over ‘Igbo’, alcohol intake by husband

Divorce-PapersThe 2-year-old marriage between one Segun Faleye and his wife, Celestina, has been dissolved by a Lagos Customary court, over the man’s love for alcohol  consumption and Indian hemp smoking.

The petitioner, 33-year-old Celestina, had dragged her husband to the divorce court with the intention of ending the marriage since she could no longer cope with his intake of drinks and drugs.

After much plea by the President of the court, Ruphus Adeyeri, to reconcile the couple, he had to accede to her demands and dissolve the union.

“Both parties are no longer husband and wife; they are free to go their separate ways.”

But the husband, Falaye, 40, said:

“I take alcoholic drinks, but not excessively. I have never taken Indian hemp. My wife controls and commands me, all because she pays the bills.

I used to pay the bills, but now that I have no job, I cannot steal to fend for my family.”

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