Poetry: The Problem Called Life


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Hello hello hello. Good morning to you. How are y’all doing this fine Tuesday; this fine poetic Tuesday. Great, I hope. So this morning, I was thinking of what to write, and my creative juices decided to leave me; you know, it’s like powder up in my mind. No juice anywhere. Out of boredom, I was led by the spirit to my facebook, where I got to see some cool stuff I wrote way back in 2010. I decided to share; it’s not like I even had a choice anyways.

So here’s a throwback, I didn’t edit it, because I’m lazy I want you guys to get the original feel of the “poem”. I hope you enjoy it.


You try as hard as you can

To do things the way they should be done

You tell yourself its only a matter of time

Things will soon turn out the way you want

Its just like the turning of the ceiling fan

You try to meet that opportunity that has gone

But its just as slippery as say–lime

Like black plantain,your dreams get burnt


You hope and pray it doesn’t happen again

You think of the things you should have gotten

You watch carefully for the stones in your way

And hope to save other passersby

You know at this stage, there’s little to gain

But either ways you can’t be rotten

So you help others anyway

And for your sake, you try not to cry


You wonder and ponder and try not to linger

On thoughts of woe and abject self-pity

You’re starting to think there’s no use for hope

Its useless to try rising up to the challenge of life

Now,there’s no need to ever remember

That person you were-an almost celebrity

You are starting to think about “that rope”

So that you can escape from this struggle and strife




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