Man Breaks Into Farm To Have Sex With Horse



A 44-year-old man, Alan Barnfield, has been charged to court for allegedly breaking into a farm and having sex with a horse after concerned neighbours called police to stables near Doncaster, UK.

Baffling though, ever since i got wind of this Tori [Story] i have not been able to focus on other things in my schedule for the day. Abeg i wan ask, has commercial sex been Banned in the Uk because this Man needs to visit a medical ward not just a medical ward but ………… Aro Mental Hospital is a good solution center for this sort of information.

Though Barnfield denied the charges against him, he could not explain to the police how he came about mud on his tracksuit and the smell of horse on his body at the time of his arrest, as well as horse’s DNA on him. he argued that the DNA sample came about because he only stroked the pony and did not have sex with it.

But police prosecutor Louise Reevil told the court that forensic test carried out showed that the DNA of the horse was found on swabs that were taken from Barnfield penis, showing clearly that he had sex with the animal.

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