Mother Attempts To Sell Own Baby


Atumuhiire wanted to raise the money to enable her operate a small-scale business to earn a living. Very Sad, Read on.

Christine Atumuhiirwe, has been arrested. “She attempted to sell her three-week-old infant baby so that she could raise money to set up a small-scale business” Uganda New Vision Newspaper.

The police in Mityana district of the country said that Atumuhiire, a resident of Madudu village, was arrested after she approached a witch-doctor in Mityana requesting him to buy her baby for ritual sacrifice.

The District Police Commander, Latiff Zaake, said that the wicked mother had, on several occasions, approached the traditional doctor with intent of selling a child to him but the witch-doctor informed the police about Atumuhiire’s proposal, leading to her arrest.

Acting on police instructions, the native doctor played along with her and they tricked her into believing that the herbalist had got the money to buy the baby and then arrested her at a time she expected to seal the deal.

Atumuhiire confessed to the police that she wanted to raise the money, sh20m, (about N1.3 million), to enable her operate a small-scale business to earn a living.

This is a shameful report and a dent to Ugandas’ international image, it is easy to conclude that there is a high level of poverty in Uganda, well atleast Nigerias are not alone. 🙁 Leaders where hath thy Faces?

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