Stoner Diaries—Episode 5: More Than Friends?




Stoner Diaries

I wanted to scream; believe me, I almost did. But the thought of any noise waking Dara up had me quieter than a grave yard. I quietly sat up and ignored the throbbing pain in my head and the nausea I was starting to feel, and then I felt around with my foot for any cloth item I could find; I found a bottle instead.
What? Did we drink too? I sighed and shook my head; this junkie life was not it at all. I stood up and pulled some part of the cover with me, which made Dara groan and turn to face me. I froze and prayed to God that he wasn’t awake yet. He wasn’t. I sighed and quietly made my way to the bathroom. Just before I closed the door behind me, I took another look at Dara, I had never seen him with that morning after sleepy face; he was kind of cute. And he was kind of starting to open his eyes so I quickly closed the door behind me.

I brushed my teeth and washed my face, and tried not to cry. Dara is my best friend; the stupidest thing I could have done was to sleep with him; even worse, I didn’t remember it. I stared at the mirror and called myself all the bad names I could think up, then braced myself and went back into the room. Dara was awake now, and maybe it was the leftover alcohol and weed in my system, but he looked fine as hell; lying there, obviously naked beneath the covers. He smiled at me, and I started smiling back before I caught myself; there was nothing to be smiling about, I just had drunk amnesiac sex with my best friend.

I went over to the couch and stared at him straight-faced until he got the message. He started getting out of bed, and I quickly put my hands up and covered my eyes
“Stop!” I was panicking already ehn
“What?” he asked
“I don’t want to see a naked man on Christmas day.” I said with my hands over my eyes “Go change in the bathroom.”
“But wh….?” He started “GO!” I finished for him and shut my eyes tighter as I listened to the sound of moving feet, a bottle rolling around on the floor, Dara cursing as his toe connected with something really hard, and finally the bathroom door being shut behind him.

He came out sooner than I expected and came to sit beside me. He was about to start talking, but I quickly interrupted before he started
“Look, we don’t need to talk about this. I know what you are going to say, and honestly; I no wan hear am.” I put my hand up in a stop sign and kept talking
“Yes, I know it was a drunken mistake, and we messed up big time, and I’m still your number one nigga any day, so I’m not sad about all of this.”

After I said all that, I felt at peace with myself; there was nothing he had to say now. It would have been more painful to hear him say it I thought to myself. I didn’t expect his next words though.

“Joe, we didn’t have sex.” He said and I froze.
“I don’t understand.” I meant to sound cool, but I failed epically and my voice came out shrill and tiny.
“We did not have sex” he repeated
“I don’t know, I made a video.” He shrugged and brought his phone out of his shirt pocket.
“You did what?!” There was no end to my shrillness that morning.
“Hey, calm down love. Not that type of video.” He pressed play on some video, and I saw myself kneeling in front of him (the camera) with a bottle in my hand.

“Jesus is happy now yes?!” I was shouting, and pointing the bottle at the camera
“Yes!!” Dara shouted from behind the camera
“Okay! Time to do our own Christmas party up in here.” I fell flat on my face, stood up and started giggling “Shit! I’m already wayyy-sted!!!” I shouted and Dara laughed and said “Me too!!!”

“When did all this happen?” I asked him, as I took the phone in my hand and played the next video.

I was speaking to the camera as I shouted into it that I’m naked now, and “Hurry up Dara!!” he replied the same thing “Hurry up Joe!!” and ran out of the bathroom into the room.
“Hayyyyy, you’re naked.” I say and the camera turns, and Dara’s naked chest comes into view before the screen goes dark with a loud thud and I say “Oops!”

“When did all this happen?” I asked him again “Yesterday.” He replied and turned to face me. “See, all this stuff is not important, we have to talk.”
“Ahhh” I groaned silently; the last thing I wanted was to have a serious discussion with my male best friend who just saw me naked for the first time.
“Look” he said “I wanted to have this discussion yesterday. I mean; I had a speech prepared, and I even dressed up to boost my confidence and shit. So just listen.”

It immediately became clear to me what he was about to say, and I started freaking out. But then, he is my best friend; so he noticed that I was about to start an argument so he put his finger on my lips to shut me up.
“Listen” he said again

“I like you. Like, really like you; in a more-than-friends way.” I started shaking my head, but he didn’t budge; he just steadied my head, looked straight into my eyes and repeated himself.

“I like you. A lot.”


What the hell?


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  1. seriously u shud consider d young man considering d fact that he was loyal enuff to not jump u. nothing rocks more than having ur hommie as a boo…. sucks sometimes tho..

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