Five Reasons Why Your Tummy Is NOT Flat


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Holla! Happy Monday everyone, how was the weekend? Was it good? Was it great? Did you get a lot of rest? Did you sleep all through while I worked my ass off?! Huh?! Sorry, lack of sleep makes people grouchy sometimes; I just get so tired, my God. Sorry again. Today’s post is not about me; it’s about people and their stomachs. So let’s go straight to the point.

First, let’s break it down. There’s only two types of people in the world; people that have flat tummies, and  people who don’t. Now, the first category can be broken into three; people who do not eat, people that i hate because they eat everything but it never shows, and people who work hard to keep their tummies so. The second type of people also have three subcategories; pregnant people, people who have already had children, and lazy people. Now, if you are in the second category, this post is for you. Except of course if you are pregnant.

90% of the time, having a big stomach is most likely your fault, due to the habits that you cultivate over time. Most of our habits, including eating, resting and working habits can seriously affect our physical appearance. The following habits are habits that cause belly fat.

  • Constant Snacking: This habit is particular to those people who are always feeling peckish. You’ll find yourself eating food that is not particularly healthy, which will add calories. Snacks consist mainly of junk food, and junk food is a known facilitator of body fat.
  • Regular consumption of carbonated drinks can also cause tummy fat, as carbonated drinks are a source of sugar. All that sugar works in your tummy, and makes you want to eat more, which increases all your calorie intake by thousands. So for those of you who can’t go a whole day without taking soft drinks, you might wanna slow down on the sugar intake if you want that extra skin to leave.
  • Lack of exercise is pretty much the most common reason why people don’t have flat tummies. People who are food consumers have to exercise. On a good day, exercise is good for the health; now, couple that with the fact that you’re trying to get rid of tummy flat, exercising is the best way. If you do not exercise, it may seem that you are trying to eat your cake and have it. And that my friend, never works. At least, not in real life.
  • Eating late contributes to tummy fat. This is because; while the body is naturally able to burn off fat when it is asleep, when the tummy is full, this task becomes close to impossible. Eating late not only contributes to tummy fat, it makes sleeping comfortably a big chore.
  • Drinking too much beer. This beer, my friends, is the reason why Nigerian men have big bellies. Or nah? Anyways, beer induces tummy fat for a number of reasons. These reasons include, but are not limited to the fact that beer is basically empty calories, alcohol stimulates appetite, which can lead to consumption of more calories, and the liver can only process alcohol, not fat.

Other reasons for tummy fat include eating while standing, eating too much desserts, being distracted while eating, not getting enough protein content in your food, eating low fat food (with preservatives and other chemicals), and lack of sleep. Although it might seem hard/unnecessary (depending on your personal views), but try to pay attention to the things you eat, when, where and why you eat, also try to exercise as much as possible.

And as we have read and heard here, may God give us the grace to also obey. Amen
Because, church yesterday.

Have a great week ahead.



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