“Lets Introduce Pidgin English In Our Schools” – 2FACE




2Face Idibia has suggested that Pidgin English be introduced in Nigerian schools to aid communication and transfer knowledge to kids in rural areas who use Pidgin English as their second language.

2Face Idibia, no doubts has made his mark and patiently carved a nitch for himself thorough his career with thick and thin, scandal and Positive Reputation, he is still here as a result of his hard work, my opinion? Call him “King of Africa”.

The Afro-pop icon gave this opinion at the MTV Base #ChooseOrLose Roundtable which will premiere this Friday 13th February.

  “For me, they can gather some linguistic professors and let them package pidgin English properly,” he said, acknowledging that this may be the most effective way of tackling the education deficit in parts of the country with a language barrier.

Call him crazy but this Mister sure has some “real life” points. for me i am indeferent with weather it is eventually adopted or not.

But it is said that there is no harm in trying. what do you think Eyin Olodo? 😛

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