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Mr capable as he is fondly called just happened to be our crush for the week, even his shiny head can’t stop the ladies from showing Olubankole Wellington more love. BankyW as he is fondly called is a renowned vocalist and song writer, he was born in the United States to Nigerian parent moved back to Nigeria when he was five, he stated singing in the choir at age 8. After secondary school he moved to New York to get a college degree, while there he won the “Albany Idol” which brought him into the spot light.

He is the owner of the EME record label which has seen artist like Wiz Kid, Skales and others through the music industry. In 2005 he released his first album “Back in the Building”, in 2008 his next album “Mr Capable”, in 2009 “The W Experience”, in 2012 “R&BW.

In 2005 he won him a US song writer awards, in 2006 he won the R&B/Soul Artist of the year at the NEA, in 2007 he won the International Single of the Year, he won many other awards and has many more nominations to his iconic name.

He is also a Ciroc brand ambassador, a philanthropist, and a writer. These are just a few of the things we could savage imagine if we dug deeper, I will say Mr W is an onion with no end when it comes to talent and with all these said I bring you our MCM of the week MR Banky W ( in Jennifer’s voice). #Bless.




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