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Holla! How’s it going today? It’s been a while since we did the serious talk thing, so we are doing it today. When I say “serious”, I don’t mean the sober, bore-you-to-death kind of serious. It’s more the what-are-you-doing-with-your-life type. Eish; that’s serious too. Please wait, don’t run away yet; it’s still not so serious.

So; I recently realized that I am in that stage of my life where I have to get my priorities right, and operate my daily life to suit my priorities. Right on the heels of this discovery was the realization that there are other youths just like me. As a matter of fact, most other youths are like me. Therefore, after thinking and reading and praying about how to set my priorities straight and how to work on judiciously managing my time and my life, I decided – as usual – to bore you with share all the awesome stuff I’ve learnt.

First, you have to decide the difference between what is important and what is urgent. Some of the stuff we spend a bigger percentage of our time doing is stuff that isn’t really important, just urgent. Basically, this means that we spend a whole lot of time doing stuff that we can put off till later, but that we count as a compulsory activity for the NOW. For instance, you know you should stop tweeting and go turn off the cooker so that the dodo doesn’t get too brown or burnt, but NOOOO; no priorities. Psssh; fix up. Now.

The second step to getting your priorities straight is identifying how much time you spend doing important things, as opposed to urgent things. This point is self explanatory. It’s basically saying; are you spending all your time on shaping your brows and beards urgent/routine activities, instead of buying my Valentine gift dammit on important things.

Once you’ve realized how much time you spend doing things that don’t rank as important on your priority list, it’s time to create a schedule. This schedule will help you allocate a particular period of time to your urgent/routine activities, and even help you push in some free/leisure time somewhere. This way, all your tasks are carried out and no area of your life suffers lack of attention.

The last and most important step is discipline. Be disciplined and follow your schedule to the letter. This will help you to achieve every goal you’ve set for the day/week/month or whenever. Discipline is the best way to achieve set plans and goals effectively and be productively.

So, these steps are the ones I have been following, and they have really helped me achieve most of my short term goals. I hope that they help you achieve yours too. In the meantime,  it’s already Thursday. Is it just me or this week went by really fast? We should have TGIT days, no? No. Okay then, happy TGIF in advance, good day y’all.

Have a great weekend ahead.






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