The Shutter Boy


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We can’t deny the shutter boy, he keeps our memories intact, gives us different outcomes of the same scenarios. Our mind sometimes is too deep webbed that we start to lose the moment we were never meant to, shutter boy captures those moments and immortalizes them.

He wields the tool that heals but sometimes it destroys him, he sees the pain we so desperately want to hide, he says nothings but tries to make beauty of our pain, and covers the eye bags that carries the weight of the world.

His love for the shutter creates a new universe where he is god, a place where he deploys his own means to create what he believes should exist. The bloody artist! Sometimes bent on one knee, sometimes completely on the floor, all this to make you get things from the point of view.

He has the power to make or mar, to rewrite stories of our existence, the real shutter boy makes a surreal mix of fact and fantasy. When he is not snapping it is like he is letting down his future self, like he holds a cure that he cannot use. In the end the shutter is the child that lived, the one that found peace and solace, the one that would make us believe.

This piece is dedicated to all the photographers/Visual directors I love without them knowing. In no particular order; Ibrahim Salawu, Tolu Obe, Niyi Okeowo, Prince Meyson, Y Black, Ay Berth, Yemi Doyle, Tobi Etti, Benny Blanco, King Uche Odoh, Obi Somto. Keep shooting, keep giving us reasons to believe that there is beauty in the ugliest of places, keep being a blessing.




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